The Food For All Project offers access to high quality food and dining experiences to individuals and families on low incomes or impacted by welfare reforms and are experiencing food insecurity. Meals will be cooked by trainees and volunteers, assisted by our Chef's and visiting Chef's from local restaurants. Each week we are offering 20 dining experiences in our bespoke cook school bistro. Food will be sourced from the local supermarkets via the Fare Share Cloud. The project will also have an environmental impact by recovering perishable food destined to go to landfill and would otherwise go to waste. 

At each dining event there will be various other organisations on hand to provide advice and support on income maximisation, welfare rights, job search opportunities and signpost to other organisations. Larder staff will be on hand to offer advice on planning meals and cooking on a budget. 

We are looking for referrals from various voluntary and local government organisations who work with or have contact with our target group. We will take referrals for individuals and families. Participation in the project will provide many benefits including reduction in social isolation, free cooking places for kids, volunteering opportunities and of course access to good healthy food. 

For more information or to request a referral form please email



Angela Moohan

The Larder Cookschool, Unit 6 Brewster Square, Brucefield Industrial Esate, , Livingston EH54 9BJ