Social Impact



Our social aims are to contribute to the reduction of youth unemployment, increase cooking skills for all and to alleviate food poverty.
The Larder has made a significant impact on the lives of the people that we work with. We know from the evaluation forms that are completed at the end of each course that students are more confident in general but in particular in cooking, communication and problem solving.

The key highlights from those reports are:

  • Schools report that young people that they referred to The Larder then showed improved behaviour, attendance and attitude to work whilst attending.

  • Parents have reported that behaviour and attitude at home has improved whilst attending The Larder and their children are more confident.

  • 82% of students said they were eating healthier.

  • 75% said they were better at budgeting

  • 85% reported they were more confident talking to new people

  • 87% said they had a better understanding of employers expectations

  • 100% of students said they were more confident cooks

  • Moved 78% of eligible graduates into positive destinations compared to national average of 47%.

  • 100 % of Graduates of our Hospitality Skills Training Programmes achieve qualifications.

The Larder seeks to ensure that people are treated equitably, regardless of age, disability, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation or personal circumstances.


Why our work at The Larder Matters

Food and learning are basic human rights, yet in today’s society they are polarised. Increasingly the most disadvantaged in our society have reduced access to both.

The Larder equalises the playing field through a learning environment that meets the needs of all and integrates this with food. Though our cafes we provide an opportunity for all to access good quality food and dining experiences, whilst generating surplus income which is reinvested back into the training. The food is made by our trainees who use recovered food (whenever possible) to create great tasting food for all.

The Larder is growing its own talent with 45% of the Larder staff team graduating from our Hospitality Skills Training Programme and all come from disadvantaged backgrounds. We are about to embark on a Chefs Training Programme where we will grow our own talent for the future to support expansion and sustainable communities.